Possibilities NarrowCasting

Reach your target group with the right messages in an interactive way


Different templates such as: news, content, picture, video, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and many more.

Adaptable anywhere

Are you abroad or on the way home? No problem! You can adjust your presentation anywhere.


Are you missing a module? Ask us! We are constantly expanding our customized system with new modules.


For all branches available to think of: Leisure & catering, Shops, Office, Care & Welfare, Education, Government, Sport, Churches and Mosques and much more.

In the cloud

What about the security of my content? The presentations run on well-secured servers in a cloud environment so that they are always accessible.

Social media integration

Various social feeds including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter that are easy to integrate.

Independent from the internet

Our playlists can also be played without internet.

Link with CRM

Do you have your own CRM and do you want to link information? Because of our customized system we are very flexible.


Support during office hours at questions or comments .

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A selection from our modules

Title + Subtitle

Handy to place a short message in the

Title + Contentblock

Do you have a bit more text
No problem use this module.


Indent elementes such as in powerpoint,
idea for enumerations.

Title + Subtitle + Picture

Nice way to add an extra highlight
through an extra picture.

Fullscreen picture

Do you design your own pictures?
No porblem, use this module.

Fullscreen videos

Let Full HD videos inspire your customers
for a fantastic impression

Intagrated newsslider

Enter your desired RSS feed and you will see your desired
news items in an interactive view.


Is your video only on YouTube? No problem copy the link and you're done!


Do you pace regulary post something on Facebook
Integrate your Facebook and prevent duplicate content..


Do you regularly post something on Instagram?
You can also integrate instagram so that the latest photos and likes are displayed.

External URL

Do you have an external url, for example a webpage
Copy the link and done!

And much more

We are constantly in developing
Do you miss a module? Reach out for contact to discuss the possibilities.

A selection from our assortiment

OS NarrowCasting from € 1,- p/d

The costs for NarrowCasting is dependent of your desires and the situation where it is located.n order to give you an indication of NarrowCasting costs, we have made an overview of the requirements.

NarrowCasting OS Sreen Tv


The most common formats of a NarrowCasting screen depend on the location and viewing distance vary between 43/50/55/60 inch.

We can arrange this for you including the wall bracket. We ask for one-off costs for this .

NarrowCasting OS Hardware


We advise powerful hardware and install the desired software for you including mounting on location.

For the hardware we ask for one-off costs for this. Already have own hardware? We will check if it meets the requirments.

NarrowCasting OS CMS


Our very user-friendly Content Management System gives you the option to determine the content of your NarrowCasting yourself

Still have any questions?
Our support team is ready for you during office hours.

Monthly fees from € 1,- p/d

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